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Nir Toledano – Manager, Pan Advanced Printing

I spent a long time searching for customer relationship management software, and tested at lot of different software packages. I was looking for user-friendly software that was easy to use and modular, and which I could adapt to meet my needs without a lot of effort or external help.

In the end, I chose Mekashron and, after two years to intensive use, I know I made the right decision. The software meets all our needs and is very stable. It is also inexpensive to maintain and we receive good support.

We work online, and have an office network as well as mobile and home Internet users. This is smart software – it's simple and fast.

Tiksure Contact Center in Hadera

Ukrainian Election Center

Itay Bahur – Bahurbooks

I started using Mekashron Business four years ago. Before I did, I checked a number of business database management software products (CRM) that supported Hebrew. I found that most of the software on the market could track customer and supplier contact information and interactions, and could also handle inventory, quotes, telemarketing and other things – but couldn't generate invoices and receipts. On the other hand, most accounting software could produce tax invoices – but couldn't track the history of customer contacts.

I was looking for software that could handle both of these – manage customer interactions and accounting. Mekashron Business is one of the few programs that can do this, and it has several things that set it apart:

  1. The interface is friendly and easy to use.
  2. It is attractively priced and the service is excellent – it was half the price of most of the other programs I looked at.
  3. Mekashron are continually putting out upgrades that make the product even better.

As I mentioned, I have been using Mekashron Business for over four years now – and that is a recommendation in itself.

Lottery Syndicate Call Center

Task Division of the Kibbutz Movement

Our division deals with national missions, and my department handles commissions for these missions. We make about 4,000 mailings every day to recruit people for these commissions.

I would like to express our appreciation to Mekashron for their software. It helps us seek out and connect with people efficiently, and it's fast and cost-effective. I also want to mention the software's wide range of capabilities and the many ways it lets us connect with people.

Mekashron has also given us the best service we have had for questions and requests.

ISPA – Israel Snooker and Pool Association

Our main activities are promoting cue sports in Israel, and organizing competitions and championships. We need effective tracking software, and Mekashron allows us to record the results of our events. We're also able to track athletes' union cards, medical certificates (which is required by law), registration and membership fees, and many other things.

We would like to thank Mekashron for their software. It saves us time and resources, and we would particularly like to mention their patient and professional service.

Dun and Bradstreet Conference management

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