• CRM for Business Operations
  • CRM for Call Center Operations

Powerful CRM Made Easy

  • Management

    Gain full visibility and control of your business

  • Sales

    Drive new sales and enhance profitability

  • Customer Service

    Increase customer service productivity and customer satisfaction

  • Finance

    Improve your cash flow with efficient invoicing

  • Inventory

    Optimize inventory levels and reduce carrying costs

  • Marketing

    Reach out to your customers with:

    • Pre-recorded bulk voice broadcasts (IVR)
    • Bulk fax broadcats
    • Bulk email broadcasts
    • Bulk SMS broadcasts

    • VoIP PBX

      Connect to VoIP PBXes,
      record calls and automatically
      retrieve caller profiles

    • Central Server powered by MySQL

      Store all your data in a unified database at your office or in a cloud

      Fax server

      Attach faxes to customer profiles

      Automatic Billing Server
  • Remote Agents

    Support home workers and remote branch offices

  • Your Website

    Integrate customer and other data from your central server into your website