Full Stack .NET Developer - Remote from Home

We are hiring a full time Full Stack  .NET Developer to join our team.

  • Experience in the development of web applications
  • Experience with Umbraco CMS is a huge plus
  • Understanding concepts of Object Oriented Programming
  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript

Working terms

  • 5 days a week.
  • 9:00 - 18:00.
  • Work from Home.

To join our team we require you to pass our technical knowledge test.

For additional questions contact us by Skype [email protected]

Knowledge test:

Step 1:
Create a 1-page site using Bootstrap which will contain two input fields (login, password) and submit button.

Interface example for the page:


Step 2:
On submit, call login function from our web service (WSDL SOAP)
If login successful, display green success message and entity details.
If error, display a red error message.

To create a test account, use the RegisterNewCustomer function.

Step 3:
After functionality is complete, the page must pass google page speed test. The result must be for mobile 100/100 for desktop minimum 90 level. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ 

Mobile speed should be 3 second maximum, https://testmysite.withgoogle.com/intl/en-gb 


  • If I pass the test, will be hired?
    - Yes!, You will be 100% hired and as long as you keep doing a good job going you will be part of our team.

  • Is it a long term job?
    - Yes!, we are not looking for one time employee!. All our employees with us for many years, We invest lots of time and resource into training new employees so they stay part of our winning team forever.

  • Is it a startup?
    - NO!, Our software company was established over 15 years ago and has many large and small loyal customers that generate stable financial income. We invest into developing new products and solutions to stay a head of our competitors and to increases our company customer base.

  • Are Mekashron develop solution other then Mekashron brand products?
    - YES, we develop large variety of platforms for governments and SMB sector that we can't disclose on our website.

  • Do I have to come to office or relocate?  
    NO, This position for remote developers, meaning you will work from the comfort of your home and save time and money on office trips, annoying traffic and wasted of time.

  • How will you pay me?
    Your salary will be deposited into your bank account or paypal every month like a clock.

  • How much will I get paid?
    that's depends on your skill level and performance, we will evaluate your current level of professionalism based on the test you will do. so do it properly!

  • Can I expect a salary and terms improvements?
    Yes, with time your skills gets improved and so is your salary, we value our permanent employees and show it by salary improvements and bonuses
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