Multi branch inventory management

Physical products.

When setting product type “Physical”, Physical products must set the supplier and purchased from the supplier before they are available to be sold to end customers or branches.
In product settings you set the product supplier from the list or add a new supplier,

Next step, you need to purchase stock from that supplier,  find the supplier in the entities list, open his profile and go to purchase tab.


Once you submit the purchase from the supplier, Mekashron can automatically send purchase request documents to the supplier by email/fax/sms or prefer to connect your supplier to use Mekashron web platform to automate your purchases and your supply chain with delivery tracking and much more

After marking the product as received in the system the product will be available to sell to branches or end customers.

Main branch inventory

Main branch (Business), is considered the business who created the the product using sales > settings > Inventory and made purchase directly from supplier (physical products).
Every business in Mekashron can act as Main Branch.
After the products are set, sub branches can purchase, or sold to. directly from the main branch.

Sub branch (Stores) inventory logic

Mekashron allows you to manage multi branch stores and inventories, adding new branches(stores) to the system by going to Sales > Settings > Business. From here add new business. Let's call the business “Store 1” for example.

When added a new business to the system you can go to that business profile (in entities list), go to sales tab and sell this store any inventory the main branch has.

When you login as “Store 1”. Store 1 will see only inventory that was received from the main branch.

Store 1, has an option to order new inventory directly from main branch by going to Main branch profile > purchase > New Purchase
In the purchase list you will also see all the inventory Store 1 purchased/sold by from the main branch.

Unlimited chain of inventory

Main Branch > Warehouse > Sub branch (Stores) logic

Following the same logic as Main Branch & Sub Branch you can create an unlimited chain of inventory supply.

Main Branch sells inventory to Warehouse entity, Warehouse entity sells to store, store sells to end customer or to next branch who sells to end customer.
Or in reverse
Store purchase from Warehouse, Warehouse purchase from main branch etc…

Mekashron will take care of tracking each product inside your chain of warehouses and stores all the way to the end customer and allows you at any point to see where each item is located by barcode.


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