Users management

Mekashron CRM has 4 types of users 

  1. Customer 
  2. Employee 
  3. Business 
  4. User (used as a user for Windows CRM) 

Each type has his own permissions set an rules what functions allowed to be executed.

Adding a customer 

In the CRM, Press Add Customer > Online tab > set the customer username and password, fill other required fields and press OK. 


The customer will be saved in table entities and his login information will be stored in entities.ol_usernameentities.ol_password

Adding an employee 

Same process as adding a customer in addition need to hire the entity by calling the function Employees_Update() the flag for the entity as employee for specific businessID will be stored in table employees with employees.entityID & employees.businessID set and employment status will be set in field employees.status 

Status values: 0=Fired, 1=Hired, 2=On vacation, 3=shift on, 4=shift off

Adding a business

In the CRM, Press Sales > Settings > Business Settings > Add business. and then follow the same process like Add Customer.

The business will be stored in table entities & business his login information will be stored in entities.ol_username & entities.ol_password and business flag will be set to entities.isBusiness=1.
link between entity and business is set in business.EntityID=entities.EntityID 


Users are assigned to permissionsgroup.PermissionGroupID. In permissionsgroup we have fields access_permissiongroups and access_usergroups. User is allowed to see ONLY data belong to users assigned to groups or permissiongroups in access_ fields.

For example, manager1 assigned to permissionsgroup that access_usergroups allows manage users from groups X and Y.
manager1 will be allowed to see sales, reports, statistics etc only of users assigned to groups X and Y. users assigned to other groups will not be visible.

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